Get ready for the coming “brocco-lution”

Just published in Cancer Prevention Research by Egner et. al., a report shows the ingestion of a “half cup of broccoli-sprout beverage” which equates to 1.5C**broccoli can cause an increase of the excretion in urine by-products from pollutants such as benzene commonly seen in air pollution. The reported mechanism is the compound, sulfuraphane, which possesses cancer-preventive qualities that upregulates the cell’s ability to adapt to environmental toxins. So, with the increased excretion of the by-products from pollutants, the cell functions better to get rid of the particles in the urine, leaving the cell and decreasing the risk of cancer. In other words, CHEMOPREVENTION.


Courtesy of NPR blog The Salt.

Courtesy of NPR blog The Salt.

For ways to eat broccoli apart from the standard steam, fry or roast, check out NPR’s food related blog (The Salt)

Environmental pollution may be a significant contributing factor to cardiorespiratory illnesses such as asthma or chronic pulmonary diseases such as lung cancer. One in eight deaths -7 million- in the world are attributed to air pollution (1). As well as reduces disease risk in children and young adults for their future from non-communicative diseases. T he four main non-communicative diseases are 1) Cardiovascular 2) Cancer 3) Cardiorespiratory and 4) Diabetes  (2). 80% of global deaths are because of these four factors. These are chronic diseases that are not passed from person to person and are only attributed to lifestyle such as diet, tabacco, or physical inactivity.



1 Cup of broccoli

1 Cup of broccoli



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