“Ugly carbon bags of water”

…So humans are described on STNG episode “home soil”.

Apple or Leek? How do you define yourself in terms of health and fitness?


Woman Body Shape

Woman Body Shape

These food descriptions of body types are a simple and quick method of assessment in trends for health. However, for women, to be either an apple or a pear, seems to be stuck only between these two choices. With the ever-changing industry of fashion and culture, along with changing food trends (now, there are more vegetarian menu choices) why hasn’t the description of body types change too? There should be an update. For example, lets also include women that may be strawberry shaped or a papaya?

Really, what these shapes represent are the accumulated fat deposits on the body. Carrying too much fat may be detrimental to health. More fat in the mid-region, abdominal area (visceral fat) may consist more white adipose cells when compared to brown fat cells found in other regions such as lower trunk area (subcutaneous fat) of the hips and thighs. YES, there are different types of fat cells in the body that exhibit different functions besides energy storage.(1)

Updated information for body shapes for men:

Man Body Shapes

Man Body Shapes

Women’s Blog (www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/womens-blog/2014/mar/26/parsnip-leek-aubergine-beetroot-debenhams-vegetable-body-shapes-for-men)

To calculate your BMI (body mass index) a rudimentary indicator for body fatness:



1. Cinti S., Between brown and white: novel aspects of adipocyte differentiation. Ann Med. 2011 Mar;43(2):104-15.

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